What is anterior cervical discectomy and fusion?

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of a damaged or diseased spinal disc resulting from a disc herniation or a degenerative condition, such as stenosis.

During the procedure, your doctor performs a discectomy to remove the affected disc. A graft of bone is taken from another area of your body to replace the damaged disc and stabilize your spine.

Metal plates and screws hold the graft into place until your bones fuse together into one solid bone over time, a natural process known as fusion.

Why would I need an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion?

The team at TriMed Spine & Joint may recommend this type of surgery if you have chronic pain from a bulging or herniated disc in your spinal column. You may also benefit from ACDF surgery if you develop bone spurs from degenerative conditions that cause radiating pain in your arms and legs.

Typically, surgical options for treating these conditions are the last resort. If you try other therapies, such as anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, or epidural steroid injections without success, ACDF surgery may be the best way to find long-term pain relief.

What is involved in anterior cervical discectomy and fusion surgery?

To keep you comfortable and pain-free during ACDF surgery, you receive general anesthesia. Your surgeon makes an incision at the front of your neck to access and remove your cervical disc. Once the disc is out, they can address any areas of compressed nerves before attaching the bone graft to the disc space. Your bone is held into place with a metal plate and screws to provide instant stability in your spine.

Following the procedure, you need to recover from anesthesia before you can go home. In some cases, staying overnight in the hospital is necessary to observe your overall health. The team at Florida Back Institute can discuss what to expect during your consultation to help you prepare for surgery.

You can expect to feel a significant reduction in neck pain and radiating pain following surgery and a brief recovery period.

To find long-term relief from cervical pain due to a bulging or herniated disc, schedule a consultation for ACDF surgery today online or by phone.

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