Cervical Disc Replacement

Simlify Cervical Disc is designed to treat conditions and symptoms associated with cervical disc compression, herniation and/or degeneration while preserving motion of the cervical spine.

Cervical disc degeneration between the vertebra (small bones that form the spinal column) begin to wear. This adds stress to the discs, neaby joints, muscles, and nerves. It may also cause pain, tingling, numbness, and/or weakness in the neck and/or arms.

Implant Design

Disc height options are designed to closely match the patients; healthy disc spaces.

Implant Materials

Simplify Cervical Disc’s combination of PEEK (medical-grade plastic) endplates with titanium coating and a ceramic core is nickel-free.

These materials allow for imaging after surgery using magnetic resonance imaging* (MRI) instead of a CT scan.

Jeffrey Fernyhough MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Specializing in Cervical Spine Disc Replacement

Jeffrey C. Fernyhough, MD, is an orthopedic spine surgeon with expertise in cervical disk replacement, osteoporotic compression fractures, spinal stenosis, and herniated discs. He also specializes in nonoperative and minimally invasive approaches to spine surgery.

Orthopedic Spine

Living with bone and joint pain and complications is a real-life struggle for people just like you. With 206 bones in the human body and all the supporting ligaments, tendons, and muscles, that leaves a lot of room for things to go wrong.

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We offer comprehensive orthopedic care for virtually all regions and joints of the body. From urgent care to complex, chronic cases other physicians have been unable to treat successfully, our orthopedic doctors are here to provide guidance and expertise so you can be your best.

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